Monday, November 16, 2020

It's been awhile!!! Sorry. Lynn and I got very busy after retirement, but with FaceBook it seemed like that was the tool to use to stay in touch with folks. So, why am I updating now? Well, funny you should ask. I started a new blog, called THE ORGAN TRAIL.

The new blog/webpage is a result from meeting a person last winter in Louisiana and I ending up donating a kidney to him.....kinda. He does get a kidney which will take him off of dialysis, but my kidney actually went to person in New York, another complete stranger.

Hugh, from Louisiana.

The whole story is in the blog/webpage and on Facebook as well. 
To the point, I have a few huge bike rides in the works revolved around kidney donations. Stay Tuned.
This was the start, from my house in Plover, WI to Madison, WI a week before my donation surgery.

My Surgeon took a pic of my kidney before sending it on it's way to NY.

One of the number of times I gave blood.

The ride to Madison. 150 miles in 2 days.

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