Sunday, August 14, 2011

Roth Rocks 2008

I thought I had posted this way back in 2008, guess not.
It was a gathering of a few guys

that had been posting in a forum

of the DIRT RAG Mountain Bike Mag.

A guy called out a date and location and a number of us, who had never met before, showed up at Roth Rocks in Pennsylvania.

I came from WI on my STeed.

My buddy Geordie came from PA

Bruce from OH

Randy from IL

Jim from PA

Jeff from PA (who supplied 99.9% of the pics on this post)

and Will from NY.

Long story short, I ended up with 30 stitches from endoing into a rock pile and Bruce had to get escorted/carried out and then transported by helicopter to a hospital but still ended up loosing the sight in one eye when a stick got rammed into an eye socket which ultimately ended up with nerve damage.
Random pics.

I told the Dr. as he was sewing up my arm that I was going to come in anyway, as I had developed another bout of MRSA. I recently had been getting huge boils under my skin that caused terrible muscle tenderness and had an attack on my neck. So, the DR. treated me for that and also told me of a drug, that so far he hadn't heard it being successful, but was willing to give me prescription for it. I used it and never got another case of, going to the hospital for my arm had a silver lining.

3 weeks after Roth Rock, I entered a 12 hr race and after the race I went to the first aid tent and had the stitches pulled out...saved me a trip back to the Dr. office and a co-pay.

Heading Home

Thursday, August 11, 2011

1902 Crawford


For Great-Grandma in Golden Valley

Here ya go, Mom!
 Let's go ridin' Grandpa!

With cousin Olive.
 First baseball game, Twins vs. Red Sox.

 With Uncle Chris (also his God-Father)
 Some videos: