Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bees and Surly

The temps were up in the 40's a couple of days ago....the Bees got out and got some fresh air. All 3 hives had activity, so they've made it this far.

A friend let me use her Surly Pugsley...not a lot of snow to get the full effect of the fat guy, but still good to get our and get some exercise myself.
Got around a 3 hr. ride in. Fun time.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tuscobia Ultra 2011.2

Some more pics that came through from other folks.
Me coming into 1st checkpoint, Birchwood, WI. Mile 12.

 Chris and I at the Rice Lake turn-around (for the 150 milers) and the start for the 75 milers.
 Compare my bike setup with a classic snowbike setup.

 Chris, Helen and Cooper at the Rice Lake trailhead.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tuscobia Ultra 2011

Race is over. Myself and one other racer, Matt Maxwell from Iowa, tried the 150 mile ski. After 40 miles we decided to hang it up due to rather poor conditions and save ourselves for the 75 mile bike race the next day.
Things were very difficult due to the random snow conditions. The NE (start/finish) had snow, but was very tore up due to melting, freezing and random vehicles running up and down the trail, which meant a lot of rocks to avoid. The SW (start/turnaround) had no snow. Temps were warm so cold was not a huge issue.
The 40 mile ski took me around 8 hrs with rest stops.
The 75 bike took me 15.5 hrs. That included 17-18 miles of walking the bike as I was not using a wide tire snow bike and sunk too far to move at times. Both events I was carrying about 20lbs of water, food and winter survival gear.
The distances were nothing new really, the conditions were. It was a test of mental toughness, smart pacing and nutrition to complete the race.
150-mile run: Chris Scotch 56:02 (CR!) (5 starters, 1 finisher, 1 still on the course)
150-mile bike: Charly Tri 21:07 (8 starters, 5 finishers)
150-mile ski: (2 starters, 0 finishers)
75-mile bike: Dan Jansen 6:44 (CR!), Leah Gruhn 13:53 (18 starters, 15 finishers*)
75-mile run: Tim Neckar 21:27, Lynn Saari 25:23 (5 starters, 3 finishers)
50-km bike: Marc Steele 3:31 (CR!) (2 starters, 1 finisher) 
50-km run: Brandon Purdeu 5:13 (CR!), Alicia Hudelson 6:14 (CR!) (15 starters, 15 finishers)

Thursday evening before the race went scouting the trail. Was able to witness 2 wolves crossing the road next to the trail about 4-5 miles west of Park Falls.
My size 10.

Mile 25.5 looking north.
 Mile 25.5 looking south, RR tracks.
 Chippewa River crossing.
 Slightly different view.

 Local Algonquins sending off the racers with a Travel Blessing before the race.
 Mile 4 of the bike race...local spectators came up to the trail to say hi.
 Son Chris, 150 mile runner winner....56 hours.
 Matt Maxwell and Tim Bowers.

 Finish line at the Chequamegon Canoe Club who were the major sponsors of the race.
 An idea of the ski conditions, Matt and I both skate/freestyle skied.
 Tim Bowers, mile 15 or so.

It was impressive the volunteers that came to support the event from all over the midwest. Some of the participents even took turns at the aid stations on the day their event wasn't going on.
Greg and Michelle at the CCC Bistro were unbelievably supportive.
The local community did a fantastic job as well, supporting the event from volunteering on race day to cooking, baking goods, setting up a nice start/finish area and even making a trophy for place finishers and general finishers.
Chris' trophy.
Maybe next year if conditions cooperate.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jason, pre Christmas visit 2011

Took care of grandson, Jason, while his parents went to Milwaukee for a work party. Had to get the bike down (now a snow bike!) for a few quick rides. First thing he did was head to the lawn and the little bit of snow we had to see how it would work riding in it....
Once we got his thumbs to go in the correct place inside his mitts, he had a much better time of it.

 Then with Grandma, went looking for a tree. We so love taking care of Jason...he's such a joy to us!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ghost Bike

Ghost Bike....a Memorial to someone who died on a bike, normally a vehicle accident. This I noticed in the Upper Peninsula, MI.