Monday, March 29, 2010

Basketball Jones

Played in an basketball Alumni fund-raiser Tourney over the past weekend. Over the years, the tourney has raised $19,000 for the local School sports scene.

Hadn't touched a basketball in 4 years.
Didn't know what to expect as the last time I played my right big toe gave me so much trouble I hadn't played since.
Was on the Old Timers team, from 1978 graduates and older. As a '74 grad, I was the 2nd oldest guy that played. Was just there "in case", but played a little. Shot twice, scored a long 2 pointer (toe on the line) and a 3 pointer. We won 1 out of 3 games.

Last 2 out of the last 3 years this team did really well, winning the tourney once. Not bad for a bunch of guys playing kids 30 plus years younger then us.
I didn't take any pics, probably a good thing!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Early Spring ride in Raleigh

Getting the bike out in the motel room in Raleigh.
Didn't rent a car for the week, took a taxi to the motel and rode to and from NC State for a class I was taking on the bike. 5 miles one way, not a bad ride. The first night we had a group dinner and had to ride 13 miles to the restaurant, so that was fun. Traffic was a little "close".
One of the instructors offered to throw the bike in his PU bed as he lived near the motel I was staying at. That was nice as it would have been another 12-14 miles to the motel after a big dinner and after the sun went down, again in traffic.

A co-worker from Atlanta. He drove up and brought his bike, as well. We found a small park close to our motels and rode it in the afternoon.

Sunrise one morning on the way to class.
Picked up a pair of these, Keen Commuters. Wanted to try them out some and the they seem pretty good.
Running some single track in the middle of the summer should be the real test.