Thursday, November 17, 2011

Winter 2011 Training update

Been roller skiing as much as possible. A few 1-2 hr sessions, one in the dark that was a little hairy, won't to that again unless necessary, although I didn't crash it was sketchy. Was able to get a nice. 3.5 cruise in....about 16-17 miles. Was a great workout.
Got our first snowfall a week ago, but it didn't stick and it was spotty. Mostly central/south WI. All it did around home was keep the trail soaked that we roller ski on so had to switch over to the bike.

Been out as much as possible with the bike...2-3-4 hr, rides. Mileage isn't all that impressive as I'm using my mtn. bike on crushed limestone trials that are a little soft or on the road and many times I ride far right of the pavement to avoid any vehicle issues. After all, I'm out there to train and I can get the same workout on dirt as I can on pavement. Time is the saddle and heart rate is the key, not how many miles I put in.
That being said I put in 48 miles yesterday in 30 degree temps, on a sunny, windy day. Headwinds that when I turned cross to it sung through my spokes.

Besides the training, getting my equipment ready....the bag on the right is the bag I'll be using. Both rated -20 degrees, but right bag much lighter and smaller. A friend snagged it for me on a return at a large sporting goods outlet store....the price was almost too good to believe, as well.

 Gotta love headwinds!

yep, ice, ice baby!
At mile 15 or so I stopped at gas station to try to block the wind whistling through my sandals. Only my feet were showing any signs of discomfort. Even with nice wool socks on my feet got cold. Wind combined with mph of the bike, plus 30 degree temps were too much I guess.
I wear sandals as they are wider and flex width wise than my mtn. bike shoes and allow for much more blood flow so my feet stay much more comfortable and warm with them and don't go numb as with the shoes. Have some cold weather booties coming that will go over the sandals, that will help.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Training for a new adventure

Will be pounding out as many hours as possible to get ready for 2 winter races that should prove to be the toughest I've ever done.
The Tuscobia 150 in December and the Arrowhead 135 late January.
Similar but unique, both could be totally uncompromising depending on weather conditions...I have a strategy we'll see how it plays out.
Dry land ski training.....