Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuscobia 2013 Quicky

Will have more later but wanted to give a quick overview.
I skied the 150 miles.
Ended up as the only skier for this distance.
I did finish, beating my time from last year by an hour or so.
Chris and Helen (son and DIL and Tuscobia Race Directors) saw me exiting a restaurant on day 2.
Trail interview. 

Pic from one of the 150 mile fat bike racers, Mark Seaburg. Sunset.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Kid gets some ink. TrialRunner Magazine.

Tuscobia coverage.

Chris, Feb. 2011 Arrowhead 135.
 It actually got down to -40 on the trail that night

Tuscobia Dec. 2011. Chris, Cooper and Helen.
 Chris and I discussing strategy.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pre-Tuscobia 150 Winter Training 2013 1.5

With only 4 times skiing and not a lot of roller skiing either, this years Tuscobia 150 could be a tough one. Conditions are mixed for me with plenty of good snow but temps are looking to be a bit colder then I'd prefer for optimal skiing 30-40 straight hours. The forecast calls for highs in the mid teens and lows a bit below 0.
The key will be keeping toes warm in xc-ski boots.

Local news coverage from last year.

From today.
11 year old skis. They've covered a lot of ground/snow.

 Gut Buster and The Wall.....they are what their name suggests, both uphill, steep but short.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter Training 2013 1.4

Time in Pennsylvania. 18 degrees. 90 minutes around 17 miles in the crusty snow.

Decided to buy a bike to leave here. Was recommended to visit the The Bicycle Shop in State College by my friend that lives out here. Looked at a new Specialized but decided on a rental close out. Price was right.

The Lower Trail.

Hunting 2013

Something to go after this season.
 Something for next year maybe.

Looking at the raccoon.


The one I got bow hunting.
Not sure if it was entrance or exit.
 He didn't go far.

Not a bad sized deer for a spike. Rattled him in. Was only in the stand 15 minutes before he came in shooting range to check out what the racket was all about.
The next night a bear tried to pull him off the meat pole. The bruin took the tail off with a bite to the hind-quarters and clawed the inside of the body cavity raking out some meat. Just good he wasn't able to pull the spike to the ground.

Likely culprit.

Slow season rifle season although it was plenty cold with snow. Pretty much the same for most of the hunters in the general area. Lots of wolves, lots of bears (they eat fawns in the spring), lots of coyotes.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Training 2013 1.3

Temps dropped this week....sking at 3 degrees and a couple fat bike rides.
Skiing on Timm's Hill National Trail. From Spirit Woods Ave (just past P) to C, where all 3 trails meet. around 8 miles out and back. Very cold, mostly uphill heading north and trail although hard, very ice crystally, really not much glide. A good workout!

At the turnaround. The tops of the trees were solid ice from the ice storm 2 days before the cold front moved in.

One bike ride on my urban route was really cold as I bucked a 15 mph head wind for part of it (-15 windchill....plus added speed of bike at 12 mph drops it to -20). No pics, too cold!!

2nd fat bike ride was a night singletrack ride,no wind temp was around 10. Heatwave!
Hartman Creek Wisconsin State Park. Little over 9 miles but in the crusty snow it seemed like a lot more. Good workout!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Training 2013 1.2

Tuscobia Trail Head, West end. Hope the snow and temps hold for the race in 3 weeks.

Winter Training 2013 1.1

Thanksgiving Day loop...near LaCrosse, WI.
25 miles before the turkey feast.
Great River State Bike Trail.
Temps 23-25 F. 

Day after Thanksgiving. Holmen, WI to Plover, WI.
120 miles. 10.5 hrs.
Great River State Bike Trail to LaCrosse River State Trail for 60 miles. Then roads. Temps around 25 most of the trip. Little bit of a head wind to start.
Spur of the moment ride. Others were standing in lines for shopping, watching football games or just lounging on the couch.
Stopped a few times for food and to pick up some chain lube at a LBS that a good friend uses.
Speeds Bike Shop.

Salsa mtn. bike.