Monday, April 29, 2013

BALLS VI, 2013

BALLS VI in the books. 45 new and old friends in165 miles in 2 days, campfire and some great #1 brew  #2 (s) in between along with an unbelievable support crew that fed us till we were ready to burst.

Best weather we've ever had, the rookies got a break.

Regrouping, Dodgeville.

Contrast of tire choices and everything in between.

Dodgeville rollout.

The Mayor speaks and comments from a rookie.

Russ and I broke out from the group and easily caught one of the leaders.....

My feminine side revealing its self.

A little blurring after slogging through the Cheese Country trail.....but got back on track quickly after......

...the infamous Combination: Limburger Cheese, Braunswchweiger (liver sausage to some) and raw onion on rye.

Randy found a new best friend after his shot of petrone.....

Butch found a challenge after his shot.......

And Mike, well he finally found something,too (right Heidi?)

Butch seemed a bit insecure, had to get a compass to find his way back to the trail!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mill Creek 2013

Nice day for float down a local stream. Water dropped about 18" from 2 days ago which is common for this stream to fluctuate that much. Still, the weather today was a ton better than what 2 days ago had to offer
Only about a 6 mile paddle, used my bike as a shuttle. A beer at the end is a nice touch, even has a real wood fireplace to warm up in front of. Total time from my house and back, less than 2 hours. Thankful all of this is so close to my doorstep.

Signs of the spring break up when water levels were much higher.

 Double sentinals. One kept in front of me for a mile or so. Wish I had a better camera than my small 4/5 year old water/shock proof Olympus Stylus 790 SW, but still captures the memories if the quality isn't that great.


In action.

Point Spring, 2013

 General Spring activities.

Got my bee packages installed and setup.

The Wisconsin River is rolling!

 A marker near the WI River.

No pics, just riding. Sunny and high 20's when I took off at 9:15AM. NW wind was a help...feet got a bit cold in the Keens sandals (with wool socks) but not to the point of beyond a bit numb.
Stopped in Fremont for a hot dog. 5 hrs. on the bike, fun ride. 70 miles.
Rustic roads with very little travel until past Fremont.
Will do it again...maybe making a loop around Hartman Creek and do the single track there.