Friday, December 12, 2014

Hollidaysburg, PA ride

28 miles, 3,000 feet of climbing 2.5 hours. Muddy, snow, windy, ice and around 27 degrees.

Fun times with friend Geordie on his hometown trails.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bee Assignment

A relative going to University of WI Stevens Point, just down the road from us, had an assignment with a few fellow students on bees.
The came over to include me in their short film.

Photo credit, Chris Smith.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2014 Winter Race Rig

Setup ready for 2014.....9:zero:7 frame, NEXTIE carbon tubeless rims, Specialized Ground Control tires....have tires with studs ready to go when needed.
3 ultra bike races this year. Tuscobia 150, JayP's BackYard Fat Pursuit 200kArrowhead 135

Mission Creek Trails, Duluth, MN.


Lester River Trails, Duluth, MN

Lake Superior view from the Lake Walk on the way to Lester Park from Canal Park in Duluth, MN.

Mineview in the Sky, Virginia, MN
Fat Tire Fantasy.

Past (open pit mine lower) Present (operational iron ore mine upper left) future (wind generators center). Virginia, MN. (click on to explode)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winter break, Alamogordo, NM

Back to Alamogordo, NM for a few days. This time to take in the ceremony honoring our son to Major in the USAF.

Mountain biking on the agenda, of course. White Sands National Monument.
Only did a little bit of riding, wasn't sure if it was really allowed, but had to try it.

Leaving Holloman AFB.
You know, riding a bike isn't all that bad and idea no matter what the reason.

Around Alamogordo, NM.

The middle guy recognized my CORP (Capital Off-Road Pathfinders) mtn. bike jersey....a good buddy of his also belongs to CORP and is a friend of mine from Madison, WI. Small world sometimes.

Large cement spillways to control the water when it washes down from the canyon draws. Took a few short cuts across them.

Ped and bike park. Desert Foothills Park.