Saturday, June 23, 2018

December 2018 Winter Breakout #1

With Tuscobia in the books and Arrowhead 4 weeks away, Lynn and I decided to hookup the trailer and head for warmer digs for a couple of weeks before Arrowhead.
I decided the fastest way to warmer temps was to head straight south so Mississippi was decided. Only thing real mtn biking looked available but a quick search using a few of the APPs I use (MTB Project by REI, Singletracks, where I've been keeping a record of all new rides, and Trailforks) showed some good potential in Huntsville, AL.
With Huntsville the main goal we started off. We wanted to travel as many miles as we could but still take in some of the local flavor. We stayed over night in Wal-Mart parking lots, waysides, truck stops, etc.

Vandalia, IL

Paducah, KY was a pleasant surprise. We rolled into town late afternoon and after heading into the heart of town, discovered a large parking lot. We parked, walked around some and had some dinner. When I asked the manager of the restaurant we ate at about parking downtown, she didn't seem to thing it would be an issue. With it being Janurary there we were about the only one parked there anyway. No issues and we were setup nicely for the morning. After breakfast in the trailer, we walked around looking at the history of the area and the city depicted on the murals that also served as the flood wall of the Ohio River. Got in some biking along the river.
We really enjoyed our short stay here.

 An example of the murals.

Lynn allowed me an hour or so ride on the Land Between the Lakes singletrack. My first ride on the new (to me) Trek FUEL EX8 that I bought from Pine Mountain Sports bike shop on Bend. No regrets!!!!
A little moist but a nice ride. A place I'd like to come back to with more time.

Then on to Nashville. We were able to park free at Nissan Stadium, Lot A, during the day and just walk over the pedestrian bridge into downtown. At night we pulled out and found a Wal-Mart or similar.

Replica of the Parthenon. Interesting building, art gallery.

 Reflection of the bridge on Shelby Ave. over the Cumberland River walking back across the pedestrian bridge.

And of course lots of music....every bar, free but tipping is allowed. ;-)

And of course cowboy boots....Lynn was in her glory.

Then on to the target...Huntsville and the Monte Sano State Park trails. It was cold and wet....temps in the teens and snow.
Rocky trails, good stuff. The trailer worked out great parked at the top of the mt.


Yes, that is the trail.

A number of brew pubs in town, as well.

Forecast was for snow and cold so  we headed south. Got to Montgomery and hung out. Lots to see and do.

Nice warm cookies for a cool day.

Hummmm......coulda stayed in WI for this.

We hung out for a couple of days in Montgomery then drove north to Grenada, MS where we camped for a couple of days on a reservoir and I looked up an old friend at the papermill I used to call on. Got in some urban biking while Lynn poked around the shops.
We found a place to store/park the trailer for a month as we headed home for the Arrowhead.

Friday, April 27, 2018

October SEAL fundraiser, 2017

The end of September Lynn and I headed out to D.C./Alexandria, VA to meetup with son Nick and his family and attend a fundraiser for a Navy SEAL that had died while kayaking in Chesapeake Bay.
Nick knew the wife of the SEAL and her sister from Marquette.

Got in some bike riding while out there.

 Rail Trail back to the house.

Brought the bike trailer out for the grandson....but he's suppose to ride in it. He likes to pull stuff.

 At the fund raiser we partook in the bike auction.