Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Ireland, 2018

Nice month traveling the Island. Music, views, food, drink and the company of Lynn for a month straight, just us.

DIL Helen's Aunt Kitty. She's a Nun that lives north of Dublin. Helped us out with some logistics.
 Our rental car. Lynn scored big....smallest car available (thank goodness, small came in real handy at times) and stick shift. $10 a day. Great MPG.

 Devil's Causeway

 Turf fire and basket.

 Turf cutting

Normal width roads

Place where I got sized and waistcoat came from. Only thing I didn't get to see/do is the sheep the wool came from but was suggested that could be arranged as well.

Helen's nieces.

Lake in the shape of a pour of Guinness.


 One of my random bike trips into the country

 Kilkenny. Fire broke out the morning we left.

 Cliffs of Moher.

 Random bay sunset

 Cliffs of Moher from water level

 the Burren

 just a random cow pasture, with an ancient ruins in it.....

 Kilmainham Jail, Dublin
 where the Brits lined up and killed the Irish freedom fighters for the 1916 Easter uprising