Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Europe, 2016. Danube River Cruise. Prague

3 days in Prague, 8 days on the boat, 2 days in Budapest.

Viking Cruises made our reservations. We had upper story corner room with views of 2-3 different churches.

The Danube flooded a few years ago, to the spot just above the top of her red sign....dang! Old Town, Prague.

Astronomical clock, installed in 1410, before Columbus even set sail....amazing.
Clock shows the Earth as the center of the Universe. Proved Science proved wrong.

 One of the topics I wasn't able to explore but want to go back to Prague to experience.
The whole story of Lidice. There is also a Memorial in northern WI erected by the local Czech community.
Recent associated movie, Anthropoid.....the killing of Nazi Reinhard Heydrich.

December 2016 snow fun

Jason scored some custom pogies, made by a friend of mine that made mine as well.

Night ride. Jason really liked it....thanked me for "getting him off the couch".
I pulled the sled with one hand, steered with the other.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Gitchee Gumi (Duluth) Traverse

In September we took a trip to our old stompin' grounds to take part, promote and help out via entry fees the local COGGS MTN Bike group.

It was a fun ride and very challenging. In an opposite mindset compared to many other racers, they made sure they took the riders/racers through the toughest sections.

The Traverse will be a trail system that connects all of the great singletrack trails in Duluth.

It was scaled back 40 miles or so but after a few wrong turns I got 50 or so in.....a bonus!

Lynn met me after the race, it had rained some the night before. By and large the trail was fine, but there were a few sections the followed some ATV trails and such that had collected some water.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

High Cascades 100, Bend, OR

High Cascades 100
A 100 mile mtn, bike race that starts and ends in Bend, OR. The race heads out and loops behind Mt. Bachelor and takes advantage of the popular Phil's Trails.
There was between 9,000 and 10,000 feet which is about normal for a race like this, but the kicker is that 80-90% of the climbing is contained in 4-5 climbs. That makes the race tough for folks that don't climb all that well which would be where I fit in.
You don't carry a 4-5 mile climb!

The good part of the uphills are the downhills....they were very fast, long and although not all that technical, one wrong move and it could be all over. The eventual women winner crashed and actually blacked-out for a bit. She was deemed fit to continue and she did.

Son Chris had signed up for it months ago and invited me out to suffer along with him, which we both did. He raced in the Clydesdale (+200 lbs) and me in the Super Masters (60 +). It was a tough one, for sure.

We didn't get any pics....but this link has a ton of them if you want to see what the race is all about.
The best section of the race to me was riding the backside of Bachelor.

Entry fee is a bit steep, put the race is put on nicely with quality aid stations and fun finish line....not just a single beer ticket like many races, but as many as you like....thanks Deschutes Brewery!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jason's first Overnight Bike Packing trip

Jason has been looking forward to this trip for months.....and so have I! The Tomorrow River Rail Trail heads out of Plover to the East. I've taken it at times when biking to Appleton to visit the grandkids. I've taken Jason and Alyssa for rides on it a few times and when Jason asked where it goes and I told him towards Appleton he wanted to ride it.
It's 29 miles long, so as a first time, he's only 7, we talked about doing part of it, camping out, and riding back the next day. Then next year we'd do more.
He choose his 24" Gary Fisher single speed to ride, vs. his 1x9 speed fat bike, which is a bit too big for him yet, although he's made great strides in learning to mount, ride and dismount it....

The plan developed that we'd start out with his dog and also his little 2.5 yr. old sister in the bike trailer to a small town 7 miles away. Grandma would meet us there with the camping gear of which we'd trade the dog, Hobbs and Alyssa for.

Then Jason and I took off for the town of Amherst another 7-8 miles away to find a camping spot.
We took a few side trips, around Lake Emily and cruised around Amherst some. I'd figure Jason rode around 17 miles or so.

We stopped and rested a few times....rested consisted of Jason playing with his 2 monster trucks he brought along, reading some of the information signs along the way, and stopping at another bar for a Root Beer.

We had a great time. For supper we shared a chicken dinner in the Amherst Park bought at the local grocery store. After we put up the  tent, Jason stayed out and played more monster trucks, watched a family practice a little baseball and rode his bike some more....all the while I laid in the tent, too tired to join him!

When he finally came into the tent we talked about not telling any scary ghost stories, especially about bears and tents and stuff....He talked about what we wanted to do when he "grew up" and about the next bike packing trip we'd do.

In the morning we got moving and biked back home after a shared breakfast of French Toast.

Playing with monster trucks during a rest stop.

All set!

Root Beer Pit Stop.

Camelback and Cockpit frame bag.....all setup. Next year he'll take his geared fat bike.

Monday, May 16, 2016

2016.....Like Grandfather like Grandson

Lots of fun this winter, especially spending some of it with Jason.

Fat Cupid....3rd place

Fat Bike Birkie....initially 2nd, but changed to 3rd.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Fat Bike Birkie, 2016

The year and season finale.
I had set a goal last year to win my age division of the Fat Bike Birkie 47k race.
Missed my goal by a little, but still made the podium. After the race they had me in 2nd but was knocked down to 3rd later. Stayed on, though!
It was a great finish, spent with great friends along with our wives.

Photo credit, friend and fellow racer, Nick Templeton.