Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Harrington Manor, Swallowfalls, Maryland

Coming home from the DC/Outer Banks trip we decided to "practice" how we're going to do things one we retire and start pulling our travel trailer around.
We got on hwy 50 out of DC (a road I used to travel on for work when I went to the Luke, MD papermill) and took it well into Ohio. We're going to stay off the interstates and explore via the backroads.......
Along the way the Singletracks APP I started to use (you can follow my rides by clicking on the link...once we get going and out on the road/retirement) indicated some riding at Harrington Manor State Park, which boosts the highest waterfalls in Maryland.
I had the fatty and road a pretty rugged 5-6 mile trail from where I left Lynn to the waterfalls. Once I arrived I noticed my rear tire going flat. I took out the tube and found a goats head or similar thorn still in the tire. Patched the tube and took off to find the falls, tire went flat again....decided to just use the spare tube and tossed it in after checking for more thorns.
Got home and a few days later started patching up the tube, there were 3 more holes in it, must have hit a whole cluster of thorns.

 There it is....not much, but still a nice area.

Europe 2016. Regensburg

Regensburg is known primarily for it's old stone bridge. The oldest stone bridge over the Danube, built between 1135-1146. There are pockets of antiquity along the Danube and Europe in general that weren't bombed during WWII. Some by design (See Monuments Men) some by accident in that there was no need to.
Timbers still intact from the bridge Gate Tower, which was also a salt storage building. Salt was one of the most coveted items of the era.

Stolen off the internet:

Also has an ancient cathedral.