Saturday, September 13, 2014

Jason, 15 miler

This ride was 9 days after my crash.....thought I'd take Jason for a ride. We had this ride planned for a long time.
Used my wife's old Giant mtn. bike so I could just swing my leg through instead of over the frame.
It sits up straighter as well, less back angle and pressure on my broken ribs.
He out rode me.....We met Grandma for lunch, climbed all around the local train display, went to the Children's Museum and rode home. It tool most of the day, but what a great day!
Covered 15 miles.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Japanese Students

A friend of my wife asked if we'd be interested in housing a college student from Japan Dokkyo University that was studying at our local University, UW-Stevens Point.
We thought we'd try it out.
The first weekend we had our grandkids as well so Jason helped them experience an American extended family.

The gal on the left is Nanami, who we had for the first weekend along with Aya on the right. Aya went on to spent 2 weeks, 3 weekends with us while Nanami went to her host family once they got back from vacation.
We had a very busy couple of weeks, doing things we probably wouldn't have done but wanted to give Aya a good time in Wisconsin.
- Irish Fest in Milwaukee
- Wisconsin Timber Rattlers baseball (farm team of the Milwaukee Brewers) in Appleton
- Concert in the Park in Kimberly, WI with the group Force of Habit, of which the Father of our DIL is part of. Classic Rock and damn good, as well!
 - Wisconsin Dells Duck Tour
- Moody Blues concert
- Bicycle ride to the polls to watch me vote in a local election.
It was a great experience, I hope that Aya felt the same.

Local U-Pick blueberries.

Granite Peak State Park.