Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Europe 2016. Danube River Cruise. Prague

3 days in Prague, 8 days on the boat, 2 days in Budapest.

Viking Cruises made our reservations. We had upper story corner room with views of 2-3 different churches.

The Danube flooded a few years ago, to the spot just above the top of her red sign....dang! Old Town, Prague.

Astronomical clock, installed in 1410, before Columbus even set sail....amazing.
Clock shows the Earth as the center of the Universe. Proved Science proved wrong.

 One of the topics I wasn't able to explore but want to go back to Prague to experience.
The whole story of Lidice. There is also a Memorial in northern WI erected by the local Czech community.
Recent associated movie, Anthropoid.....the killing of Nazi Reinhard Heydrich.

December 2016 snow fun

Jason scored some custom pogies, made by a friend of mine that made mine as well.

Night ride. Jason really liked it....thanked me for "getting him off the couch".
I pulled the sled with one hand, steered with the other.