Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweden Day 2

Went out for a ride after work. The singletrack is literally 60 seconds from the office by bike.
Jumped a doe Roe deer at the start. When I completed the loop, the buck was there. Tried to move in close to get a picture, but he bolted from behind a tree. Moved like a streak of greased lightening. Couldn't get a picture so settled for this picture from the net. Also, some info on Roe deer.
The most common deer in Sweden is the Roe deer, a very small deer that is common in many other parts in Europe as well. Normal weight is seldom over 35 kilos, and the total population is around one million. The Roe deer is frequent in the south and the middle but rare far north. Other deer such as the Red deer and Fallow deer have spread populations but not nearly as much as the moose or the Roe deer.
Got off the trail for about 50 yards to look at an ledge overview and saw where someone might be living in a tent. Seems strange from a country that prides on it's self on social progressiveness. Guess there will always be a few that choose a different option.

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