Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Fishing Fun

Had a great day on the water. A friend and I went out and he hit it big. A 51 to 52" Muskie with a 28" girth. According to the guide Lynn Niklasch, that works out to around 50 lbs. A great fish.
Caught in the Bay of Green Bay, WI.

Snaggle Tooth!

I caught this 40" Muskie and a small northern and another small muskie and a walleye. Only kept the walleye out of all the fish.

Watch the Muskie Videos.

Craig releasing the monster and then trying to rig back up. He was shaking so back he had a tough time doing it.

Taken from May of 2011. Same guide took another friend and I. This is a 29" walleye.
Green Bay.

Small-mouth Bass I caught the same day.
Green Bay, with Lynn the Guide.

These were taken in 2010. My sons Chris and David and I. We caught a 29" walleye each and a few others for a total of 9 fish.

Out with the guide, again!

Taken from a northern Minnesota lake, 1988.

 Taken from a trip in Jan. 06 in Cancun. Chris and I sailfishing. We were on a boat with 2 other parties and we all brought in about 3-4 sailfish all about the same size.

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