Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Deer Rifle Season 2008

Well, not much to report. I never fired a shot. Deer count is way down with timber wolf and cougar sightings way up. We still got 2 bucks and I was involved in both.
The first was a simple drive where 7 of us made a drive with 4 drivers and 3 posters. One poster, Paul, climbed about 40 feet up in a tall spruce tree and when a doe and decent 8 pointer came in range he took out the buck.
The other was another drive with 8 guys. The same guy that got the buck before was driving next to me on my right with 2 other guys toward 4 posters.
When a buck jumped up in tag alder swamp at almost point blank range he took a couple shots with his Winchester 30-30 before it went back between us. I noticed the deer ran back kinda funny, the noise being different than when they usually take off and sure enough, Paul had wounded him.
Paul found a spot or 2 of blood and small piece of blood on the ice where the deer slipped. Long story short with virtually no snow, we tracked him for 2.5 hrs. and 1/2 mile through swamp, grasses and woods, at times only using the muffed up leaves and grasses to follow his track. At one point he had gotten in my footprints and backtracked on them for 1-200 yards.
Paul and I worked as a team to stay on the trail and with the use of my cell phone silently texting my cousin where to go to try to head him off, he got a standing shot at the buck and finished him off.
Paul's original shot hit the deer's left front foot just above the dew claws. The gang was impressed with our tracking ability....so were we kinda.
I should have taken some pics, but didn't as I was off as soon as we got the deer out to go sit on a stand for the last hr. of daylight.
It was a nice 7 pointer.

Deer caught on camera but not seen during rifle season during the day. I did see the spike and small 6 point during bow season, but more on that after the last bow season is over.

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