Thursday, April 2, 2009

Afton Alps, MN 2007

Afton Alps..........2007, Grow a Spine!

the Potter's of Tomah/Warrens fame, my son that lives in MPLS and moi played at Afton in 2007. Had a great time. I think we were one of the few, if not the only ones, that camped both nights, Friday (during the race) and Saturday (heck, why not?)

Friday we biked till one of the Potter's lights started flaking out on the 2nd lap after dark (we decided to all ride together as we were normally trying to beat each other at the WEMS races and never seem to ride together) and we decided that when one decided to call it, we'd all call it, oh wait, Chris made one more lap, cheater.
We then started lowering our liquid reserves some and got to watch the rest of the field make their way up and down some ridicules hills. But, before we crashed for the night we got to watch one light (pitch dark by this time) make it's way up to a tricky spot when all of a sudden the light started doing barrel rolls down the hill. No idea where the rider ended up....

Next morning, Saturday, we got up and started riding again....the Potters and I had to do one more lap than Chris to be even, he had crotch rot bad, that's what cheaters get, and it was the best lap. Stopped up on top and downed some Red Bull and took some pics, then came down and enjoyed the festivities at the end of the race. A buddy came in Saturday from the City about the time the race ended, his job to bring fresh ice and restock the frig and also bring firewood.

Very good vibe there with the participants and staff, highly recommended in my book. "The Kid" wants me to come back but this year I'll be in Denver that weekend but if anyone is going over, I'm sure Chris would love to meet-up and hang with ya. I'm pretty sure he'd be in for another round.

Better bring your A climbing game here, boys and girls....

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