Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Peshtigo kayaking

Took the afternoon off and did some yakking with the son of a friend of mine. Josh has spent time in a sea kayak but recently took ownership of his Dad's Yellow Submarine, the Prijon Yukon Expidition that I had owned and used out in Montana a few years ago, see the 2 pics below.

Tom bought the Blue Bullet, (formerly Big Blue) a few weeks ago then passed the Yellow Submarine on to his son.
Josh and I started out on the upper Peshtigo and hit some nice Class II's, getting us ready for 2 Class III's further on down the river.

Some river art.

There are3-4 of these narrow chute drops with some nice whitewater on the upper section.

The bottom of the first Class III drop. Looking up from the bottom of MI Rapids.

Zoomed in some.........

Further out..........

Me coming through.

Josh coming through.

We had an eagle leading us down the river. He landed and waited for us 6-8 times to the take-out. I never got a great shot of him, posted a couple here. Zoom in on him. He was a big boy!

Josh coming down through The Dells section.

The Rowe's and their smiles......Josh said a few moments before this, at the start of "The Dells", his smile was more of a grimace of fear than fun!
Handled it like an old pro!

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