Sunday, December 6, 2009

California International Marathon

My wife and I joined our oldest son in Sacramento, CA for the CIM. Chris was trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon. In only his 2nd race, it was an ambitious goal and it proved to be elusive as he missed it by 15 minutes or so.

Lynn and I arrived Thursday (forgot my camera, all shots by iPhone) and make our way from San Francisco to Sacramento via airport shuttle, BART, AMTRAK and another airport shuttle before we could pickup our rental car.
Shots below from AMTRAK.
Friday picked up Chris and visited Old Sac. They had a working steam locomotive (named Polar Express for the Holidays) chugging around the grounds.
The day before the race (Saturday) I took the rented Trek 7000 out to Granite Bay Park for some riding. I had wanted to bring my Salsa with the S&S Couplers, but my travel case didn't get done in time.
Although it was easy singletack, the bike just isn't designed to jump curbs and pop rocks and roots. Still, I spent about 90 minutes out there bopping around. The reservoir was way low, probably to allow for containment of the anticipated winter rains. The 2 pics below show the normal shoreline and waaay out there is the current lake.
You can see the boat ramps way down the pavement.
A log pile feature.
Rented steed in the motel.
Chris during the race. About mile 15.

The finish, at the Capital grounds.
43 degrees at time of photo. Race time temps were probably lower to mid 30's. Decent wind during the race, so that had some effect even though it was mostly a cross-wind.
I rode the race as best I could with the Trek. Had to leave the route at the 1.5 mile mark and got back on at the 4 mile mark, then had to leave it again and had to loop around 8-10 miles to get back on. I finally caught up to Chris at the 13 mile marker and was able to get him his "power".
After the race at the Rubicon Brewery. Beer and grub.

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