Saturday, January 29, 2011


Myself and couple co-workers spent a night in Amsterdam on the way home from Dubai. Got into town early enough to take a little walk around downtown.
More bikes than you can shake a stick at, but 95% of them were not being ridden. Tons of people on the street but all walking. The sidewalks were choked off with bikes chained and padlocked to anything they could get a cable around. Guess they're parked till Spring?

There were a few bikes running around, though.
Outside a bike shop.
Bike taxi.
Bridge over a canal. One of the few spots that wasn't bike after bike locked up.
Tons of canals.
Women with her baby...neat little windshield.
Another utility bike. Many of them around.
3 hr. wait to get in...skipped it.
A lot of house boats docked in the canals. This was one of the nicer ones.
Back door.
Views of a couple canals.

They don't like anyone taking pics in the Red Light District. This was at the end of our excursion through the area.

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