Saturday, February 5, 2011


After Chris finished the Arrowhead race, the plan was for him and I to ski and skijor back up to International Falls. Chris was way too tired to attempt this and I got my cold back, so as we had a room reserved at Melgeorge Resort near Orr, MN, we just went up there and did some relaxing skiing. Helen, being from Ireland, had never xc-skied before. She caught on very quickly and seemed to be enjoying herself.

Chris didn't seem to suffer any flashbacks on the same lake from a couple days earlier after crossing during a -27 degree night out on the trail.
Small tree encrusted in snow.
Coop getting a drink.
Come on, let's get with it!
I was born to run!!
Chris the first day.

Relaxing in the cabin after a couple hours of skijoring and sking.

The next day Cooper and I went on an 8 mile loop.
Coop waiting at the door. What a smile!

Had to stop and checkout a squirrel.

Cooper and I the 2nd day.

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