Sunday, April 10, 2011

Womble Trail, AR

Last ride of the spring fling trip....Womble trail in AR. IMBA Epic. Looking for a great ride as I've learned that the IMBA Epic standards are predictable. I went to the left, southwest, based on the recommendation of a local that passed through the parking lot as I was setting up.

A few creek crossings.
Long sustained climb....looking forward to the return as it's an out and back trail.
Looking down....
Same spot looking up.
Burned over section.

Went about 10-11 miles in one hour and turned around. Trailhead was about a mile beyond HWY 70 and went about a mile past the Forest Service 92 Road.
Started down that nice section on the return and 3/4 of the way down BLAM! stans flying everywhere.
Slit my back tire from the center of the face all the way to the shale out there. Tubeless setup.
Cut my water bottle with the same shale that cut my tire and made a boot to put on the inside of the tire so the tube wouldn't look like a hernia.... Pulled out my spare had a hole in it, probably from rubbing inside the seat bag. Walked out, 5 miles or so after trying some shortcuts through the woods a and old logging to my Jeep and was putting on a spare tire and tube when I discovered that my tire wrench set has a small compartment that contained a patch that I had forgotten about...well, the walk was ok, nice day and all, but riding would have been much better.

What is a Womble, anyway?

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