Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stockholm, Day 4

Day 4 was spent on the water and taking a bus tour.

This was a panoramic view of outside of the Stockholm City Hall.

Just an old cool shot of an 1960's NBA photo. Bill Russel and Wilt Chamberlain.

 More shots of City Hall. Where they do some of the Nobel Prize festivities.

 Local kayakers. City Hall in background.
 A shot from the water tour. Every rock had sun-bathing Swede on it today.
 Some really cool old sail and power boats.
 Stockholm has cool bike rental program. Ride and Park.
 Like-a-bikes are everywhere it seems.
 While cruising through a side street to go see a local old church I noticed a young gal selling her home made jewelery. I called Lynn back to take a look the selection. She bought the blue ones on the lower left and a bracelet. The gal spoke very good English and when I asked in what currency she wanted to be paid she said Swedish Kroner or Euros....then she said American dollars would work, as well, as she was going to Miami later in the summer with the family of a friend on an ice skating competition trip. Glad we could help in her cause.
Best buy in town!!!
 Double decker open top bus tour.....the trees occasionally entering into the passenger compartment was a neat touch.
 Lynn made me take this, some kinda fashion guy, I guess.

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