Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yellowstone, Cody and Beartooth Mountains

We left Driggs after a checkup on my elbow. Headed to the West Entrance to Yellowstone, through the Park and out the steep, steep East Entrance.

Got Cody late afternoon and had dinner at the Irma Hotel, which was built by Buffalo Bill Cody and named after his daughter.
The next morning, we visited the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum. My Grandfather worked for Cody when he was just a teenager. I tried to find if they had any records of his employment (they have a lot of Cody's records and a research library) but nothing popped up.
We then took off for the Beartooth mtns. This was an amazing loop up to Red Lodge and back. Want to go back when we can spend more time up there.

Took off when we got back and got a couple hours  down the road....vacation 2011 over. A fun 2 weeks. Different than what we've done in the past and will be doing more of the same in the future.

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