Sunday, January 27, 2013

Arrowhead, Adventure Minnesota Films, Chopper

Spend yesterday working with a film crew from Adventure Minnesota Films. Should have some interesting footage and interview stuff soon on the Arrowhead 135 race. Keep an eye on their Facebook page in the link above for updates.

They used a remote control helicopter for some shots. Somewhere around -15 to -20 degrees out in the AM as they filmed the biker thne warmed up to low teens for my shots then started dropping again by the time we finished.
They landed it once in a tree (had to scale up after it) the day before shooting the guy going on foot and had a few other hard landings, but they were able to get it airworthy after every mishap.
The wind and cold temps made controlling it tough. Battery live was shortened and the cold electronics made for sluggish handling. Hope they were able to get some shots though.

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