Thursday, October 3, 2013

One more elbow landing....

Decided to try a lower air pressure on my tubless tires due to so many roots on my home trail to smooth them out, a trail I've ridden for 8 years.
Well, I burped it (allowing air to escape between the rim and the bead seal due to a hard hit) on a tight corner when hitting a root.
I ended up crashing and sliding over a large rock in the trail.
3rd time I've done this on this same elbow with the last one happening near Driggs, ID and the first one at Roth Rocks near State College, PA requiring 17 and 30 stitches respectfully.

This time it wasn't near that bad, but still a bit of scrubbing and toothbrush work to try to get it clean.

Jeff, you should have been there!!! (like you were at the first two!)


Anonymous said...

Without reading.... I scrolled down and saw blood on the arm.... NOT AGAIN! When all is said and done, that arm will be tough as nails with all the scar tissue!

PA Jeff

mark scotch said...

there's something for being consistent!
healing well....