Thursday, May 8, 2014

BALLS VII...the end of the Line?

Might be the last one.....if it was, Mother Nature saved the best for last. The best weather we've ever had following one of the coldest winters in decades and a spring that wasn't much better. That's what's kind of fun doing outdoor things when weather can play such a huge part, like Forrest, the box of chocolates are a mystery.

 Gearing up at Bears house. Bri, his wife is a is her sis Megan, who helps out which includes making a few loaves of banana bread.
Photo credit Tim Mullen.

Along the trail.
Photo credit Tim Mullen.

Love the bananas hanging off the bars. Kevin, Wade, Nate.

Todd, Tim and Greg.

Greg (FarmGuy) wanted a solo shot. Since the cows were sold off he seems to crave more attention....makes one wonder what maybe went on in that barn at times.

40-45 people headed out this year.
Randy, Mike and Heidi.

Somewhere around here, the 60 mile mark or so,  a few of us decided to buy a 6 pack of brew and relax and enjoy the day a bit more.
Farmguy potobombing.

Ron in front, my ride, Miss Piggy in the rear.
Yep, energy food, anything chocolate. Jeff has it down.

After 100 miles the first day and campfire with as much brew and grub one wanted, we headed out the next day to finish off the ride back to Madison and on to Barneveld, the official start and finish. Another 65-70 miles or so the 2nd day.

Tim trying to hide the pain......


Tim and I, got some other rides planned for the summer.
Forgot who Tim asked to take this, but thanks!


farmguy said...

The picture of Todd, Tim ,and Greg is wrong. The first guy is Dan Fargen. He showed up at Mineral Point and rode to Darlington (I think) with us then turned around and went back. I believe he's a friend of Bear"s :) We talked about him around the campfire.

What happens in the barn stays in the barn.

FYI I took that last picture of you and Tim


mark scotch said...

Dang, I might get this right at some point!!
Don't know what the hell I'm going to do when I get old like you farmguy.

I've heard when one gets old there's something that's the first to go but I can't remember what it is.

Thanks for taking the pic, nice you didn't get your thumb in the viewfinder!