Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nevada Riding 2015. Junk? and Petroglyphs

While out in Vegas for 10 days of work for a trade show I got a couple of unexpected days off. I promptly called "The Heathen" whom I had ridden with before.
Dave is Wisconsin native. We met online 8-9 years ago on a mountin bike forum.

Day 1. Cottonwood trails. Blue Diamond, NV.
Fun time in the middle of a cold WI winter.

Viagra, a great downhill's exciting, nuff said.

Dave and Cindy.

Yours Truly and Dave.
Day 2. Trip to the Petroglyphs.

Yucca, the catcus the Native Americans used for many uses, including needle and thread.
Dave collects discarded metals while out on rides and turns them into art. Pretty cool and original work.

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