Friday, April 24, 2015

Dairy Roubaix, 2015

Dairy Roubaix.
Route was 107 miles for the long ride. I was in a group of 20 riders or so and we missed a turn. After 6 miles we figured it I and some of the pack back-tracked so we ended up with 119 miles.
9 hrs 45 min. with around 7,000 feet of climbing.

Lots of cross bikes, some mtn. bikes and even fat bikes. Maybe some road bikes. Single speeders and even some fixies it seems.

Gravel, blacktop and concrete roads.

"This brilliant event is like most true gravel grinders. It’s free or “pay what you can” and is completely unsanctioned. Although some folks come out to race it, most come out for the camaraderie and to simply enjoy the countryside around Wyalusing State Park, resting like a giant near both the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers. The routes offered are a 54 miler and a 107 miler. Both are challenging, but the 107-mile option puts riders on hills so steep no compact crank is low enough. Think 20 percent grades covered in sand or gravel. I call these wonders “black-out hills” because just about when I think I’ll either pass out or puke, the crest comes into my narrowing vision and I get to rest for a few brief seconds on the following descent."

Random pics off the 'net.
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 route same year to year

marcus on the far left
 michael mayer


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