Monday, June 29, 2015

Cheq 100, 2015

Lots of rain this year. Around 63 out of 130 or so that started, finished.
I came in at the middle of the pack of finishers, 28th. Results page.
85-90 miles of singletrack, how great is that?
A very good race under tough conditions. I rode as fast as I could without taking too many chances. The bike performed well, Trek/Gary Fisher Superfly full-suspension, 29er. I felt good most of the ride, clearing all the rock sections without issues. Spent about 5-10 minutes at the 60 mile "half way" point to restock food and water.
Eating was a test as sand and grit was every present. One learns to chew without grinding sand between ones teeth.

Photo credits Cheq100
Jesse LaLonde making his way through the mud.

Random riders/leaders.

Photo credit, Chris Schotz
Me almost at the end.

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