Saturday, August 6, 2016

High Cascades 100, Bend, OR

High Cascades 100
A 100 mile mtn, bike race that starts and ends in Bend, OR. The race heads out and loops behind Mt. Bachelor and takes advantage of the popular Phil's Trails.
There was between 9,000 and 10,000 feet of climbing which is about normal for a race like this, but the kicker is that 80-90% of the climbing is contained in 4-5 climbs. That makes the race tough for folks that don't climb all that well which would be where I fit in.
You don't just carry a 4-5 mile climb, you pedal it!

The good part of the uphills are the downhills....they were very fast, long and although not all that technical, one wrong move and it could be all over. The eventual women winner crashed and actually blacked-out for a bit. She was deemed fit to continue and she did.

Son Chris had signed up for it months ago and invited me out to suffer along with him, which we both did. He raced in the Clydesdale (+200 lbs) and me in the Super Masters (60 +). It was a tough one, for sure.

We didn't get any pics....but this link has a ton of them if you want to see what the race is all about.
The best section of the race to me was riding the backside of Bachelor.

Entry fee is a bit steep, put the race is put on nicely with quality aid stations and fun finish line....not just a single beer ticket like many races, but as many as you like....thanks Deschutes Brewery!

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