Saturday, April 14, 2018

In the land of OZ

Dirt Rag Reunion ride over Veterans Day long weekend near Bentonville, Arkansas. Nov. 2017. Yeah, I know, waaay behind on my blogging. I didn't think retirement would be so time consuming!

I wasn't aware of  the one 10 years ago, but did attend a different on in Pennsylvania a few years ago.

Bentonville, Arkansas....the OZ trails (Ozarks). Maybe better known from one of the trail systems, Slaughterpen. When Lynn and I came down in May I rode this section but it was pretty wet. Rides a lot better dry!

Coler Mtn. Park. Not XC stuff....

Jason, from the New Hampshire.

Mt Kessler....real fun stuff, XC style.

Randy from Illinois.

Kevin Nierman from MO and a fellow artist friend we ran into while out on the trail. Both Kevin and Clay Crymes contributed art to the Dirt Rag mag.

 Jason with his 2nd or 3rd flat....lucky Kyle from Texas brought a gross of tubes with him.

Shea (aka as DK) from Texas and me...I'm on top. 
Me, Shea/DK-TX, Kevin-MO, Kyle-TX, Randy-IL, Jason-NH, Brandon-MO

As I came in a day late, I covered some of the Back Forty that the guys rode before I got there. Nice XC variations.

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