Monday, March 16, 2009


I sucked, was my worse race ever. Had no stamina. I had never stopped in a race before to rest and I had to stop 10-12 times. Was about 45 minutes slower than expected, took 41/2 hrs. Every uphill was a challenge, of which there were a lot of them!
Worse than the year I did Lake Placid, for which I only skied a couple times before the race.
I skied a lot before the this year's Birkie, but I could tell even in training that I just couldn't recover on the hills like in the past.

Went to a Dr. this week and he couldn't find anything except a little anemic. Probably a combination of not enough training (but even when training I had issues, just couldn't get that extra 10-15%) , residue of a flu and quite a bit of lack of sleep/rest the couple weeks before.

So, I took my time and still had a fun time out there and did the best I could.

Will see what spring biking will bring this April.

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