Friday, March 27, 2009

Mtn. Biking Moab, UT 2005

After going out to MT earlier in the summer, I had a work conference to attend in Las Vegas in September. Decided to drive there from WI and try to get in some biking along the way.

Found a couple places to ride across NE and CO. It was fun to find the trails and also ride them, but my main goal was Moab. Classic trial is Slickrock. Contrary to name, the rock is not slick. If one has the power, climbing is unreal. The back tire has so much traction it's ridicules. I guess the name came from the horses slipping on the wet rock when the settlers traveled across this area.

Met a couple guys that rode the loop with me. This shot zoom out....
This shot zoom in.
Stay on the white dashed line.

This was taken on my way back from Vegas. Amassaback trail. An out and back.Enlarge and look for the car across the canyon. It's on the road where the trail started.
Sharing the trail.

Took a quick tour through Arches Park
Leaving Utah.

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