Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grand Forks, ND & Battlecreek Trail, St. Paul, MN

Continued on after the Jail Trail to Grand Forks, ND for a wedding. Rode the Salsa the morning before the ceremony on a paved trail that follows the Red River north then crossed over into MN and came back down. Interesting how high the Red gets. It was outside it's banks some but was receding from the spring run-off. It's amazing how the residents have to deal with this on a somewhat yearly basis. From living in the midwest, one always "hears" about the flooding and I've read a few canoe books about it, but until one actually sees the area and effects in person, it's hard to really understand it.
A huge tree had made it's way inside the trees lining the river and finally grounded laying across the bike trail. The water had to be pretty dang deep to float this baby in.
That's the bike path that still has water on it, then the row of trees lining the bank and then the Red River just barely visible through the gap in the trees.

The flood in 1997 was truly an 100 year flood. The next highest was in 1897. Locals told me water was running over the bride in 1997.
Looking across to MN from Grand Forks.
Stopped in at the local bike shop to have them look at my rear derailleur. The guy check it out and tuned her up....$6. What a deal! Nice riding and nice folks up in this part of the country.

Later in the week hit Lowes Creek in Eau Claire, WI and Battle Creek in St. Paul. Dan below, a guy I met on the trail at Battle Creek, let me tag along as he hit all the good spots. The trail is a little disjointed so I appreciated the help, thanks Dan.
With the great weather been hitting a number of the trails in WI. Been a good couple weeks since the Cheq 100 to keep up the riding.

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