Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hunting 2010

Al's buck, rifle. WI.
Jason and his Nevada Elk.
Ian and his South Dakota whitetail bow kill.
Uncle Rudy, bow kill, WI.
Ian's hunting gang near where I hunt. 2 nice bucks. Rifle. WI.
Using the "wheelies". WI.

Cousin Kevin's daughter. Brooke's first deer. WI.
Kev's son, Dominic, first buck.
Brad, southern WI rifle kill.
8 pt. 20" inside spread. Taken about 10 miles from where I hunt. Was brought into the bar to show it off. WI. Yes, alcohol was involved. (not with the killing, with the dragging it into the bar, a favorite WI tradition)
Joe's deer taken during a drive. WI.
RJ, Whitetail. CO.
RJ, Elk. CO.
RJ's bear, rifle, WI. He killed dang near one of everything this year!
Hunt cousin Kevin was on. MT, I believe. 6 guys got 5 elk.
Various camera shots from "The Shack".

First shed found by Kevin near his house. Figure it's from a deer that ran into a car during rifle season late Nov.

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