Thursday, December 30, 2010

Memphis Marathon, St. Jude Hospital

Lynn and I drove the 12 hrs. to Memphis the weekend of 12-3-10 to support Chris for his last marathon in support of St. Jude Children's Hospital. He still has an ultra to do then that will be it. WHERE'S CHRIS SCOTCH for all the details.
We met on Friday afternoon for a tour of St. Jude Hospital. Way back when, when Danny Thomas was first getting the dream off the ground he went around looking for donations. This was on the wall of fame of some of the first to donate.

The next day was the marathon. Chris at the finish.

Chris and Helen meeting the inspiration for Chris's year, Katelyn.

Katelyn walked/rode the 5k race with her Dad. She is on a mission to raise $3M for St. Jude to repay them for the money that went towards her recovery. Chris is adding all he raised the past year, over $5,000, to Katelyn's total.
Helen, Chris, Katelyn, Katelyn's Dad, middle son Nick who was able to drive up from AL where he was at for a 5 week Air Force training program and Lynn.
After race refreshments in the hotel.
Katelyn and her Dad.
Middle son Nick and my sister Mari, who's been heavily involved in Minneapolis, MN area for St. Jude for about 10 years.

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