Monday, February 27, 2012

A Most Civilized way to take in a Race

A friend landed in Stevens Point from Appleton, WI, picked me up and we were off by 6:15 AM and flew 150 air miles to Cable WI, landing an hour later.

Doug just landed in his Viking. 6 AM.
 The sun coming up behind us as we head northwest.

Approaching the Cable, WI airport.

We landed and moved over to allow 2 more planes/racers to come in.
We walked 100 feet to Telemak Lodge, had our race packet in hand, changed into our ski clothes and were at the starting line in a little over an hour.
We got to ski 30 miles on the tough, hilly Birkie trail on a gorgeous day with the trail in the same condition.

One of the 12 waves taking off. 9,300 skiers did the race.

My wave staging behind the flag.

After the finish we found each other then grabbed a bus shuttle the 30 plus miles back to Cable and Telemark Lodge, grabbed sandwiches along with a couple beers for me and a coke for the pilot.

We then took the short walk back to the plane, flew home in the sunshine, landed and I was in my hot tub by 6:15 PM.

Doug walking to his plane.
 Changing out of his ski boots.
 Loading up the skis.
 What's left of my 2nd beer.

iPhone stop action shot through the prop.
 Northern WI day in Feb.
 Flight instructions.
Our landing into Stevens Point.

Fueling up in Stevens Point, Doug had a short hop to get home to Appleton.

SWEET!!! Birkie #8 in the books. Considering the alternative of having to drive 200 miles one way to the race, stay in a motel room probably 60 miles from the start due to the amount of races and spectators (11,000?) that descend on this rural area, then the 200 miles home, this was the most civilized way I've ever been able to take in this race or almost any race.

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