Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow Bike Race, Bear Paw

I still had Jen's bike after the Arrowhead 135 so thought I'd go loosen up some at a bike race near White Lake, WI at the Bear Paw Resort.

This race was race 4of 5 in the new Fat-Bike race Series in WI.
The one coming up on March 3rd is called the Sweaty Yeti. We'll be doing that as well as some winter camping after the race....and some beer drinking, I suspect.

A video that one of the racers put together:  Link

I teamed up with a couple guys around my age after I got there.
We finished in the middle of the pack.

Blake started out:
 Valentines theme...

Duff went out 2nd. We all got 3 laps. I did a warmup lap before the race and Blake tried to get his 4th in time but was5-6 minutes late for it to count. Blake was doing a lap in 17-20 min. I was about the same, Duff was 28-30 minutes...maybe. It really didn't matter.
 Lap #1.

Bear Paw is on the Wolf River, a big canoe/kayak spot in the summer. A few years ago a tornado came through here and wiped the resort out. The lone large White Pine was all that was left of the forest and the building. They rebuilt.

 Wolfman was out and about....yours truly...

Local Mountain Bike Club was raffling off a New Belgium Brewery crusier for $20. Proceeds go to singletrack trail improvement.


JenniferJuniper said...

This makes me happy that I forgot to get the bike after you brought it back to me at Arrowhead! I kinda think bikes have a soul and they like to race as much as people:)

Even biking is hard for me right now. My next blog post might include x-rays of my foot - maybe I'll write a retrospective of 25 years of running.

Have fun out there and we'll meet-up sometime!

mark scotch said...

Chris and a few mtn bike friends of ours are meeting 3-3-12 for the Sweaty Yeti at Levis. My plan is to give Pugs to Chris to bring home to you!
Thanks again!