Monday, April 9, 2012

Package Bees

Decided to expand my apiary, going to double it from 3 to 6 colonies.

Plus I had to replace a colony that didn't quite make it through the winter.
2 packages down (empty boxes with the feeder cab on top of them lower left) and 3rd one sitting ready to go.
3 new colonies.
Getting the queen cage out and making sure she's alive and active. Attendant bees hanging on tight.

As soon as I pulled the queen cage and placed it between 2 frames, I dumped the bees from the packages into the open space in the bee box. As soon as the bees we "let loose" they literally started climbing the walls in their new homes. Never bothered with me at all. Didn't get stung once. Warm, sunny day with no wind plus I used the smoker liberally.


Video seconds after shaking the bees into the hive box. Notice the tab for the queen cage on the top right wedged in between to frames, at the start of the clip.

All ready to start doing their thing.

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