Friday, April 27, 2012

Tsali IMBA Epic Trail

Tsali IMBA Epic south of the Great Smoky Mtns. Fun, fast ride. Not technical at all with decent cardio challenge in a few spots. Great views.
Trail shared by hikers and horses. Alternating day usage schedule. I was lucky enough to hit it so I could ride the Right Loop in the afternoon on one day, ride the 14 miles into Bryson City (there are hills down here!) to meet Lynn (so she didn't have to come pick me up) then come back out the next day and do the Left Loop.


 Nice banked turns.

 My bike rack!
Good signage at the trail head, not much out on the trail, not that much is needed.
Tuckaseegee river that helps form Fontana Lake (reservoir)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great place to ride,old friend!

The DC (Psst...that's Long/Shorthaultrucker to you ;) )

mark scotch said...

good to hear from you, thanks for stopping in....others have been talking about you...

mark scotch said...