Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Honey 2012

Getting to be that time of year. The Ladies have been busy. I didn't think they'd have enough honey capped to make it worth while to extract any before our trip to Denver this week, but the last 10 days they kicked it into high gear. Friends and relatives are excited to get their honey supply restocked.

I checked all the hives as I'd be gone for a week and 2 of the 6 hives had enough in a medium super each to do some harvesting.
Got almost 6 gallons, 65-70 lbs.

I think living near irrigation farms in Central WI that have vegetable crops is helping the honey gathering. Not only are the bees finding flowering crops to draw from, I have to believe all the water that is sprayed on the field edges and woods lines help keep the wild flowers and clover in top nectar producing condition. Coupled with warm sunny days and plenty of water, the bees are able to gather in optimal conditions.

I like the use of recycles to hold the honey. That Crown Royal bottle is cool.

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