Friday, June 29, 2012

First and only ride on the Crawford?

Got some air to hold in the front tire so decided to go for a quick ride...based on what I've learned about the possible value of the bike, it very well could be my last, as well. Don't want to break a wood rim or anything else.

 1902 Bicycle, 2001 Honda taken by 1955 owner. Connecting the past with the present.


Anonymous said...

That's a KILLER-COOL bike,my ol friend,and I've AAYS loved your bike hauling setup (you do know that "The DC",Shorthaultrucker and Longhaultruker are all one and the same me,right? :p )

The Disabled Cyclist

mark scotch said...

you have more aliases than anyone I know....that's not on DR!

Thanks on the bike(s). I'm real happy I bought the Crawford, no buyers remorse for sure.

Anonymous said...

LOL,lets see...Longhaultrucker on MTBR and RBR,Longhaultruker 2 on DR and BT,Shorthaultrucker on Ironspoke's,Singlespeed92 on,disabledcyclist on RatRod bikes,Th DisabledCyclist,Olskoomodelbuilder and Olskoolrodder on blogs,Olskooldime on some S10 forums,Olskoolrodder all over the web on model building forums,94GTRagtop on Mustang forums....should I continue (say no,cause I'm all out :p),LMBO!

The DC

mark scotch said...

I'd say you win the prize.