Tuesday, August 21, 2012

California Dreamin' Part 1. Demonstration Forest.

Spent 3 weekends/2 weeks working and playing near San Jose, CA.
The new job presented an opportunity for training on the equipment I'll be selling soon and as luck would have it, my brother and son both live in the San Jose area.
My wife also came out for a week, so all in all it was an very busy time with a ton of activity packed into a short amount of time.
If a picture can paint a 1,000 words, I'll let them take over with some comments tossed in to help explain a few things.

Flew in late on a Friday.
Got up early with son Chris at his place in Los Gatos and brother Gary came down from Santa Clara.
Demonstration Forest. Plenty of uphill, limited singletrack. We definitely didn't hit the stuff in the trail description. Still a fun ride just to get out on the bike.

Unloading the bikes. Son on the left brother on the right.


Other half of the sign...ok, I get it, if you have a kid, offer it to the lion.

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