Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wausau 9 mile mtn bike

Joined up with buddy Al for a 12 hr 2-man race. We did pretty good for a couple old farts. 12th out of 36 teams. With our combined ages of 102, I think if we weren't the oldest team in the category we were dang close.
I had a little issue on lap 3...just a flesh wound...again. The elbow has seen it's share of damage, though!


For some reason, they doubled up on Al's 2nd lap, but it even without it, we'd end up in the same spot. Speeds


Anonymous said...

Summer rituals: sun tans, the beach, and MotoScotch with a bloody elbow.


mark scotch said...

nice to know some things will always be there, isn't it Jeff?