Wednesday, September 5, 2012

California Dreamin' Part 4. Mtn. biking

Did an urban ride on my brothers Marin to the salt flats of the Alviso Wetlands Loop. Started at the motel on El Camino Real went 1 block to hit the San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail bike path. This connected to the Guadalupe River Trail.
In a city that has huge traffic issues...biking is the way to go..even if I did get a couple flats!

Locals call it Puncture Weed...also known as Goats Head.

Went out to a few trails over my last weekend...Saratoga Gap Trail. Great stuff on a great bike rented from a nice bike store. Tread in Campbell.

Met a new friend on the trail..Jamie from Palo Alto via MA 6 years ago.
Not me, but I did make it up...Saratoga Gap Root.

Russian Ridge, high point on the Ridge.

 Looking down in San Jose:
 Toward the Ocean.

Toward San Francisco.

Then did some great riding in Basin Redwood Park.
 Some guys tree house.
 All downhill from here.

Ended the day in Santa Cruz with an easy little ride at sunset by the Ocean. Wilder Park...I didn't get to do the single track...another trip is required!
 Sea Lions.
 Cliffs in the setting sun.
 Sea Lions.

Seemed appropriate.

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