Sunday, September 16, 2012

WI River canoe...2012

My wife and I continued on our goal to float the entire Wisconsin River system.

 The River has many dams on it so it lends its self to doing it section by section. Also, depending on the time of year, water levels and wind direction, one can encounter many different aspects while on the water.
The section we did today is closest to our home, in Plover. We went to a restaurant in Biron that is right on the water which gave us a 7 mile float, around 3 hours in the pretty stiff headwind.
Bright sunny day with mild temps and a nice last mile before take out of observing and commenting on shore line houses more than made up for any hard paddling.
I used the bike to shuttle back to get our jeep.

Turned 90 degrees to the wind to checkout the small island...notice the flag..and trees blowing in the wind.

Getting out a snack and a beverage.

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