Sunday, November 11, 2012

Can't we all just get along?

Well, finished up my bike related activities...sold the 2008 HiFi DELUXE as a parts package after I found out the carbon seat stay was damaged and Gary Fisher doesn't make a replacement for that part. This would be the 3rd triangle incident with this bike....
This was the first time it went down, broke both chain stays and one carbon seat stay all at the same time.
The second break was a cracked chain stay. I also saw this Hifi PRO broke similar to mine when riding in NV a few years ago.
But, I also had some great times with the Hifi. 
Curt Gowdy IMBA Epic trail, WY.

 Somewhere in MT.
 Gooseberry Mesa, UT.
 Kokopelli Trail, CO.
 Jail Trail, MN
Driggs, ID. Jeff Lange photo credit.
 On my way to the emergency room. Jeff Lange photo credit. Elbow, 17 stiches.
Roth Rock, PA
 Before...same elbow, 30 stitches.

TREK gave me some trade-in value plus they let me part out the rest of the bike (they took the rear triangle) so all in all it came out good for me.
Only thing, I was going to go away from TREK/Fisher for a different manufacturer, but I'm excited to ride the Super Fly 100 Elite.
Then, as already posted, the 9:zero:7 Fat Bike was added recently.
Hope they can all play nice together.
- GF Paragon, 29er HT
- GF Super Fly AL 100 Elite, 29er FS
- Salsa El Mariachi, 29er Rigid with S&S frame couplers
- 9:zero:7, 135mm Fat Bike
- 1902 Crawford, Shaft Drive
Honorable mention, Honda ST1100 (as seen above)


Anonymous said...

Breeding like rabbits!

Somewhat surprised by the addition of the fat bike, given your XC Ski addiction.

PA Jeff

mark scotch said...

Hi Jeff, good to hear from you. sorry for not crediting you on the last 2 pics, will edit that.
As for the fattie...a few reasons. Now that I started doing the winter ultras I need a backup to skiing. Last winter I had to bag skiing and rode my normal mtn bike and would have preferred riding the 20 miles I ended up walking due to too deep of snow in some spots (about 1/2 of the course was bare of snow...hence issues with skiing.
At some point it might be too cold to ski(-15 and lower maybe?)so biking would be the ticket.
Then there are all the cool local fat-bike races that are springing up!
And finally, climate change is making skiing a bit predictable.

Miami Mitsubishi Dealer said...

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mark scotch said...

Thx, MMD.
Also, I meant to say unpredictable not predictable on my earlier comment.