Friday, November 30, 2012

Tuscobia 2012-Training

Getting ready for this: Tuscobia 150

  150 miles is a long way on skis...or a bike especialy in the middle of winter. Conditions will play a large part in it. I put in a training session by biking 45 miles up to a neighboring town, then 45 miles back after a 3 hr. conceal-carry gun class. Pizza at a bar 25 miles from the end around midnight, local fiddler playing, flat tire when I went to leave, gave locals free lesson in the bar on how to change it and full moon with a bit of light cloud cover, temps in the high 20's for the last push home....went into my outdoor hot tub and got a better view of said moon while my core got back up to normal temperature range before heading off to bed at 3AM.
no pics...

Been doing a lot of this, too.


Matt Maxwell said...

You're making me feel like a slacker. I've gotten a bit of running in and some technique work on the roller skis, but no long skates yet. I'd better do those soon or they won't get done.

mark scotch said...

I did about 3 hrs on the roller skis Saturday, around 25 back is still sore!