Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowbound in the Underdown

Local Fat Bike race. Fun day. Last minute decision to enter it but needed to find a bike for Chris. The great guys at Rib Mountain Cycles got Chris connected to a large 9:zero:7 and we were off.

Had 6 mile 1 hr. solo event followed by a team 3 hr. relay (3 person normally, but some do it with 2)
Originally Chris and I were going to be our team: Double Scotch.
Then Justin, who won the solo agreed to team up so we had to change the name...something I got to think about during the solo run: Justin Time for a Double Scotch.
We decided to each take 2 laps then switch....Justin was leading the field
when he came through the transition area but he came running back after 7-8 minutes pushing his bike...broken chain.

Chris did his best Superman imitation

as he ripped off his jacket and took off while Justin and I repaired the chain with a quick link I had on hand.
After Chris did his 2 laps, I took off.

 Was just coming into the transition area on my first lap, about 50-75 yards out and my rear hub locked up and I ended up pushing in....Then in the true spirit of understanding what's really important, Shane, on the leading team, setup his bike so I could ride it (needed a medium frame) while he shared bikes with his brother. Well played, Shane, well played.

Well we ended up 3rd. but still had a great time.

All biker photo credits go to seenbyjordan.

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