Sunday, June 30, 2013

WORS Lowes Creek 2013

Masters 55 and over

Field Size: 1

Age Group Overall Bib # Name            City,    State Age Time    Time Back
    1             60          1347  Mark Scotch Plover WI     58    1:55:14  0:00.0

Some times all you have to do is show up.....and finish, of course. I did "race" this by the way. Very fun singletrack, Lowes Creek, Eau Claire, WI. 22 miles.
At the race a few weekends ago there were 4 old farts in the Masters age  group, today only me.

AVG HR: 155
MAX HR: 171

AVG Zone: 4.4
MAX Zone: 5.3

Based on the graph in this post, my heart/cardio is doing pretty well I think. Based on hitting 171 and actually performing (ok, somewhat!) I was playing in the 41-45 age group. As I'm 57 I'm pretty happy with that.
I want to move on to the WEMS series now and start to race 6 hrs. for sure and maybe a 12 hr tossed in somewhere. Getting ready for the ultra winter races.

Maybe next time I'll remember to hit the LAP button!
Garmin info.

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